Use Slots Bonuses to Win Money, Prizes

Whether or not you live in one of the many nations that allow online gambling, it’s possible to win cash and valuable rewards without risking any of your own cash.

Casinos and free websites alike offer online player rewards programs that let you have fun playing your favorite casino games. Those rewards can range from free stays to free gambling credits at land-based casinos, along with other special rewards and prizes.

Even free gaming websites that offer video slots and other casino games risk-free have rewards programs in place. For example, you can claim your slot bonus at and other free websites by simply playing, having fun, and earning gaming points that you can redeem for special rewards.

Online casinos and free gaming websites generally offer free rewards programs to keep loyal players coming back for more fun and profit. Online gambling in the United States is legal and practiced only in Nevada and Atlantic, but others still can have fun, while possibly winning valuable rewards.

Casinos and free websites offer the player rewards programs to help capture part of the ever-expanding online gambling market. This year, industry analysts say the global online gambling market should top $500 billion in revenues.

The market has been growing by more than 10 percent each year since 2013, and experts say that trend should continue for at least the next several years. Meanwhile, one of the potentially largest online gambling markets remains mostly untapped.

In the United States, its 310 million citizens only can gamble online if they are over age 21 and are located either in Nevada or Atlantic City. Delaware does not ban online gambling from within its borders, but no casinos support online gambling inside Delaware, which effective bans it there, too.

While online gambling is illegal across most of the United States, daily fantasy sports, plus the proliferation of land-based casino gambling in every state except Utah, has online gambling set to expand in more states.

Meanwhile, those would-be bettors can visit free casino gaming websites and play their favorite games for entertainment and to grow rewards points.

Many large casino companies with properties on the Las Vegas Strip, Atlantic City and across the nation offer players rewards programs for those who can’t actually gamble online but still want to play free games.

Once players accumulate enough rewards points from video slots and other games, they can redeem them for valuable rewards, like free stays at casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and other locales.