Trading Can Be an Alternative Occupation for Professional Poker Players

Poker has been the most successful casino game, played in various prestigious tournaments, including the Royal1688 Hold ‘Em Poker International Tournament.It is so popular that it has become a profession of very skilled poker players. Who would have thought gambling just for fun would lead off to a rewardingcareer. Forex trading, on the other hand, […]


Top Five Slot Machine Myths

Myth is a widely held belief or a false idea about something told by people. In any areas of our life, a lot of myths exist and even in games or any form of entertainment, myths and false beliefs surround the industry. Casino games are not even spared. There are a lot of myths circulating […]


Basic Online Casino Gambling Etiquette

Not because you’re not face to face with other players or live dealers, you can now forget your manners and all those niceties when playing in a real casino. Virtual casinos, just like the land-based casinos also have rules of behavior for players to abide. Sure, you can’t apply all those gambling floor regulations but […]