Top Five Slot Machine Myths

Myth is a widely held belief or a false idea about something told by people. In any areas of our life, a lot of myths exist and even in games or any form of entertainment, myths and false beliefs surround the industry. Casino games are not even spared.

There are a lot of myths circulating on the gambling floor for every game. Some gamblers are just so gullible. They tend to easily believe everything they read and what they hear from others. One casino game that has a lot of fabricated stories is the all time favorite of many, the slot machine.

Myths involving the slot machines vary from person to person. They have different stories or advices to share to slot gamblers with the intention to either encourage them to play more or discourage so they will stop.

Below are lists of the top slot machine myths that susceptible players usually believe.

  1. Slots are designed to give payoff in a cycle of spins. It is a repeated pattern so if you want to win big just keep on playing for long hours until the machine reached its end cycle. Eventually it will give you the most coveted jackpot.
  2. Slot machines payoffs are programmed to a certain percentage amount. If you hit the jackpot, but you keep on playing, you’ll never win again since the machine will be tighter so that it can regain its balance.
  3. The location of the slot in the casino matters. They said slots positioned near the entrance or exits, in packed areas are “looser” while machines set on a quieter area tend to be “tight”. That’s why it is very important to choose where to seat and play.
  4. Slot machines are kinder to first-timers. A newbie has a higher chance of winning since slots are programmed to let a first time player win as part of their marketing strategy. If a beginner wins, then more people will be enticed to play.
  5. Slowing the spin motion will generate bigger wins. You will get better combinations and hit more odds when the spin is slow. Spinning so fast will cause you to miss the paying patterns and the bonus won’t appear on the reels.

Casino games are supposed to entertain. Depending really on the character of the person, myths can have an impact to how a player will see the game. Goldenslots Casino offers a lot more enjoyable play with more winning chances. And that’s a fact, not merely a myth! Try us now to experience our myth free golden slots games.