The Top 5 Online Games To Play On A Rainy Day

The world of online gaming has boomed along with the huge popularity of the Internet, and nobody would have predicted 20 years ago that PlayStation games would be available with high-quality graphics on our smartphones. It truly is amazing when you think about how technology has changed the world, and we might even now be at the point where we genuinely don’t know how to pass the time without a phone, tablet or laptop.

Games may be available with almost life-like graphics on phones, but it’s the games with a simple aim that seem to get us hooked. We like to aim for high scores and enjoy the social aspect of online gaming as oppose to single player action games we have to spend hours completing.Lucky for you, there are thousands of games that provide entertainment on a rainy day. Here are five of our favourites.


Bingo is a game that’s been around for centuries, and it’s now migrated to the online gaming arena at sites such as Sun Bingo. The fact that it’s been around for so long ought to tell you something about how much fun it is, and most people love to play while chatting to people as oppose to simply keeping their eyes on the cash prize.


Angry Birds

Who would have ever though that launching some birds at some nuisance pigs would be a major hit in the international online gaming marketplace? We might have never seen this coming, but Angry Birds has been an absolute sensation, and it also has many spin-off games and sequels. Whether you’ve got five or 60 minutes to spare, this game promises to keep you entertained.

Cut the Rope

Like we said, it’s the games with a simple aim that have the ability to get us hooked, and Cut the Rope is another game like Angry Birds that we simply can’t turn off. The basic aim is to cut rope so that a little green monster can eat some candy, and it’s been downloaded and enjoyed by millions of people all around the world.

Real Boxing

Many of us can’t get enough of watching a game of boxing on the tele, and it’s no surprise that boxing games have made their way into the world of online gaming. This particular game features the likes of Rocky Balboa, just to add a little more coolness to an already cool game.

Asphalt 8

Most of us look at supercars with a deep inner envy knowing we can’t own one, but you can race a virtual one online against real people in games such as Asphalt 8. On top of that, you can also complete crazy stunts with real cars.

If you haven’t embraced online gaming yet, you’re bound to at some point, because its popularity is spreading and there’s bound to be a game you’ll love. This is the digital revolution! You might as well enjoy the fun things that technology offers and the above five games promise to provide hours of fun.