Specific kinds of bonuses offered by online poker websites

As soon as online gambling is getting, many famous people have started gambling online and want to make real cash. Gambling is done worldwide in a large number; so many websites have begun giving bonuses to attract their customers, which can get them huge profits. In contrast, people want more prizes to get more rewards that can be used in making real cash out of it.

These rewards are given freely as no cost is taken in return for this; all they want is to register themselves and add cash to their wallet and start playing. Let’s study more of these types of bonuses in detail and which website offers the best bonuses.

Referral bonus

This is the bonus that one can avail while he or she refers idn poker 99 to any of his friends or family. The bonus amount of this bonus can be used upto the full extent. These are the most underrated bonuses which one doesn’t think of. These are the best types of bonuses. The bonus money earned by referring somebody can be used in making real cash later.

Welcome bonus

These are the bonuses that are provided by every website when you register or download the application. Meanwhile, this bonus is set upto a limited percentage which is set by the website itself. One can get all the details of prizes in the terms and conditions section provided by the website before the registration process. After one accepts and fulfills all the conditions, the amount is credited to his or her wallet.

The method to use this amount is also easy, but one cannot avail the total bonus amount to bet as some percentage of amounts should be added by you, and the rest amount is deducted from bonus money or points.

Lucky spin

These are unique kinds of bonuses which are given on by famous websites like poker99. The method to avail this bonus is, once in 24 hours, you will get a lucky spin which contains various options, and one can simply press on the wheel and wait for the circle to stop, and where the pointer stops, you will get the thing which is opposite to it.

Deposit bonus

This is a kind of special bonus which is a reward for adding money to your wallet. When someone opens an account and doesn’t add money to it, the websites offer them tips for adding money. These are the available offers to only a few of the customers or some fixed customers. A person gets free money only by adding money to the wallet, which is an open cash type.


To sum up, we can say that many people around the world are gambling in need of earning money. These bonuses are a kind of free money which one can earn by doing nothing. One should take proper knowledge from poker99 on how to use this money correctly and make the best use out of it.