How To Play The slot kingkong in as many different ways as you can imagine

Slot Kingkong is a classic slot machine game that has been played for generations and is often referred to as the King of Slot Games; this is an especially popular game because it is simple to learn, exciting to play, and offers a variety of feature-rich slots and is a video slot game based on the mythical kangaroo- a symbol found in many classic slot games.

How to Play Kingkong Slot

Begin by selecting one of the three reels; perhaps you’ll want to use the left reel for blackjack and the right reel for red or any other color; on the following screen, you’ll see a multiplier; this multiplier will determine how much money you will receive when playing the slot kingkong ; if it is at least 1,000, you will win double your regular bet; if it is less than 1,000, you will lose your entire bet.

Next, choose which one of the five pay lines you like to play on your machine; there are fifteen pay lines in total, and they can be anything from 2 to 20 credits; the icons on these pay lines represent various symbols that can help increase your chances of winning money.

When going to play, an icon may represent a wild symbol that can help you win more money- take your focus glued to the reels as they change quickly! If you don’t do this, you’ll be sorry.

What is a Pay-Line?

When you play Slot Kingkong, you have the opportunity to win money by hitting pay lines- they are lines that are located at the top of the screen in slot machines, and when you hit a pay line, you can win money by matching any of the symbols on the reels.

The different symbols on the reels can represent different games, such as Progressive Jackpot, Multi-line Bonus, and Free Spins- all you need to do is line up your reels to make a payment and if all of your reels are lined up, you will then be given a number and can start playing.

How to Play Royal Game

To play you need to select one of the three reels: The other two reels will represent different symbols- that can either pay out money or add up to a certain value; can be $, $2, $5, $10, or any other value you choose.

When the reels are lined up in order, the symbol that is on the right reel will pay out more money than any other symbol on the reel this is called a progressive slot machine and it means that as you play Royal Game, the amount of money you get paid will increase each time you play.

Wild Symbols in Kingkong Slot

When playing, you will frequently encounter wild symbols, which include the kangaroo, the lemur, and the elephant: The wild symbols can substitute for any other reel symbol and appear on any number of reels, with the kangaroo being the most common and appears on reels 1-3; the lemur being a unique wild symbol that appears on reels 4-6, and the elephant appearing on reels 7-9 and substituting for all other reel symbols.