How to Play Bingo and be a Winner

Playing bingo online is great fun and exciting as you wait to see if you’ve won the big cash prizes many bingo sites offer. Here’s how to get the most from your online bingo experience if you’ve never tried it before.

Online bingo format

As with traditional bingo – the majority of bingo sessions are based on a straight-line or coverall bingo format. Players have three bingo cards for each bingo game. These usually come up on the screen in pop-up windows. On many bingo sites you’ll also see a tote board and chat forums as well where you can send messages to other bingo players in-between games. Yes, even online bingo is social, just like the traditional bingo session in an old-style bingo hall.

Play Bingo and be a Winner

For each bingo game, the winning pattern will be displayed on the screen. This might be a straight line, a diagonal line, or in some other format shown on the screen. As the numbers are called, players try to match them with the numbers on any one of their three cards. Just as you would do in a traditional bingo game, players daub each number on their cards as they’re called – but simply by clicking on the number with their mouse – it’s that easy. When a player has all the called numbers – in the winning format – they simply click the Bingo button on the screen to claim the win.

What can you win at bingo?

Prizes vary from site to site, but don’t expect to win much if you’re playing for free. While most bingo games offer points for prizes, or ‘bingo bucks’ as they’re sometime referred to, you can cash these in at certain times in return for gift cards and other similar prizes with a cash value. Some pay-to-play bingo games offer substantial cash prizes as well as a range of smaller prizes, gift cards and vouchers which can be redeemed in various places.

Online bingo is social

Just like traditional bingo in a bingo hall, playing bingo online can be just as social, if you want to be. Most bingo sites offer a chat room or forum where you can message other players between games and some players actually strike up friendships with others who are regular players. You can choose to get involved in bingo chat, or not, by simply clicking on the ignore button or responding to other players you want to chat with.

What to avoid with online bingo

While many bingo sites are hosted by big brand names – there are those which are less reputable, downright false and illegal. Always check out a bingo site before you decide to spend any money playing on it. Check out testimonials and comments from other users to get a feel for the site. There is nothing worse than thinking you’ve won the big cash prize only to find out that the site doesn’t pay out.