Great Entertainment at Home

So, you want to learn how to play blackjack at home for money or just for fun with friends. Blackjack is arguably one of the most popular games ever played in a casino but it can be a great home game too. Playing this intriguing card game can provide lots of entertainment and gambling in the privacy of your own home as long as you understand a few things about the game.

Great Entertainment at Home

If you’re thinking about hosting a game of blackjack with your gambling friends, you’ll want the game to run smoothly and keep everyone happy. If you’ve never played blackjack before or are a little unsure about it, it’s much easier than you imagined. Before you organise your own blackjack night at home for your friends, why not check out a few online casino game guides?  In order to run a successful game of blackjack at home you need a few basic items. These are a necessity, without them you can’t play. You can buy the following online or at your local retail store:-

–           a card table

–           plastic betting chips

–           plastic coated playing cards

–           a dealer’s button

–           a shoe

a card table

Now you’re ready to go, but do you know how to play?

Here are the essential blackjack basics you need to know

Right, you’ve got all the gear ready for a blackjack night at home with friends, but does everyone know how to play? If you’re going to have a decent crack at blackjack it’s essential that everyone knows the basic, you need to walk before you can run.

Blackjack is a firm favourite casino game with many punters because it offers excellent odds, even for beginners. Once you understand the basic strategy, you’re away. The aim of the game is to score a higher hand than the dealer without busting. The best you can get is 21. The closer you get to 21, the greater your chance of winning the hand. If you score more than 21, you’re bust, get the picture?

essential blackjack

Having a blackjack night at home with friends, why don’t you be the dealer? Deal two cards, face up to each player while you the dealer will have one card facing down and one facing up. You then need to add up the value of your cards. Cards two to ten are assigned a score on their face value while jacks, queens and kings are worth ten points each. The ace is either worth one or eleven points, the choice is yours.

Players can “stand” and choose to keep their hand as it is or “hit” and take another card from the deck. If you push your score over 21, then the dealer wins. The idea is to keep hitting until you reach 21, without going bust. As a player, your aim is to beat the dealer, and if you’re the dealer, your aim is to beat the other players. Playing blackjack makes for a great night’s entertainment for everyone.