Basic Blackjack Etiquette

When playing blackjack or any other type of game with strangers or friends, you always want to follow common blackjack etiquette. If you’re new to playing with others, whether it’s a friendly game or a competition, you need to be sure you understand the rules and protocol of playing. If you don’t, you’re likely to make a number of mistakes and social gaffes that could upset the other players and annoy the dealer. Here are some of the basic rules to follow when playing blackjack.

Know How to Play

Nothing will irritate your fellow players and the dealer more than someone sitting down at the table who doesn’t understand the basic premise of blackjack. It’s important that you understand what you’re doing so the game proceeds smoothly. You also want to know the rules so you don’t lose money. Some casinos offer teaching tables at specific times of the day or certain days of the week. These tables use fake chips to help you learn the game and strategies.

Touching Your Cards

There is specific etiquette here. If all of the cards are face up when dealt, there’s no need for you to touch them at all. In fact, you should never do so. If some or all of the cards are dealt to you face down, you can touch them, but only use one hand. If you use both hands, expect to be reminded of this rule by the dealer. When picking up the card, do not bend it. Dealers are always watching for players who are trying to mark the cards by bending a corner or making some other mark. Also never put anything such as your drink or chips on the cards.

Hand Signals

Blackjack has a number of specific hand signals used while playing instead of talking. Some players keep their chatting to a minimum. There are different rules depending on if you’re playing with your cards face up or face down. If you want to hit when some or all of the cards are face up, you point to the cards. If you want to stand, you simply wave a hand over the cards.

When the cards are face down, though, you should lightly scrape your hand on the table to signify a hit. To stand, you take your bet chips and place them on top of your cards. This is one of the only times when you should actually touch your bet. Most of the time, it’s frowned upon. You can learn all of the rest of these rules at Casino Test Reports, which covers many instructions for new players as well as the mistakes they can make.

Interrupting the Game

Players are there to play blackjack, and anything that interrupts the game is going to be frowned upon. You should do your best to time your drink orders in between rounds or during a break. Likewise, don’t talk so much that you aren’t paying attention to the game. If you’re holding up the round, the dealer will remind you that you need to keep playing.